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Why Publish?



The St. Jude novena is unique in that traditionally when you pray to St. Jude you are told you must "promise to publish your request or thanks and encourage devotion to St. Jude".  By publishing the blessing you received, you demonstrate your faith and commitment to letting God, through St. Jude's help, bring change to your life.  This will inspire others to turn to God through St. Jude during their own times of greatest need.    It is the best way to share the powerful message that we are not left alone in this difficult world;  there is someone who loves us and WANTS us to turn to Him, to assist us in carrying the burdens we cannot carry ourselves.


By adding a record of your experience to all the people over the years who have sought St. Jude's help, you join a tightly-knit community that knows what it's like to endure life's troubles, yet still stubbornly refuses to give up hope!


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